Why Does Marketing/Sales Alignment Matter?

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Do your company’s marketing and sales teams work in partnership?

Throughout the month of June, we’ll be exploring the importance of sales and marketing alignment and its impact on revenue and business growth. Looking for tips on making the case for improved communication and collaboration between these two crucial departments? Here are several of the most important reasons to do so:

Alignment Improves the Customer Experience

B2B buyers are responsible for decisions that impact entire organizations. Purchasing decisions are made over time on the basis of careful research, not on impulse. Marketing guides potential buyers through the first part of the funnel, offering educational resources and building demand, while sales closes deals. But the customer should never be able to sense that they’re being handed off from the marketing phase of the buying process to the sales phase. The transition should be seamless and natural. When sales and marketing work together effectively, they create an engaging, consistent customer experience that ultimately results in an improved lead to close ratio.

Alignment Makes Everyone More Knowledgeable and More Effective

Sales teams have a lot to learn from marketing teams, and vice versa. For example, marketing can share insights about the pain points of prospective customers gleaned through marketing data and analytics, and sales can share information about which tactics demonstrate the most success at converting leads. Both departments can optimize their efforts as a result of this shared knowledge.

Alignment Improves the Bottom Line

Ultimately, the single most important benefit of sales and marketing alignment is that it improves the bottom line. When your brand’s sales and marketing departments truly function as a team, each contributes more to the growth of the business. What could be more important than that?

Small changes, such as introducing a new CRM or starting a weekly sales/marketing collaboration meeting, can go a long way in the quest to create a company culture in which marketing and sales truly function as a team. Keep reading our blog throughout the month to learn more about how to foster alignment between these two crucial components of your company.

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