Twitter’s Tailored Suggestions: A Blessing or a Curse?

Twitter announced last week that the site will soon start tracking its users browsing activity outside of the site in order to provide what they call “tailored suggestions.” The goal, according to Twitter, is to help you (the user) find more relevant people to follow. It’s obvious, however, that the move is also geared toward making Twitter a more attractive site for advertisers.

This change is exciting for most marketers. After all, the more data Twitter can pull in about its users, the more accurately we can target the customers we want to reach. In the B2B realm, where data about our targets’ activity on sites like Google could tell us a great deal about the buying decisions they’re in the process of making, this change could be especially impactful. But we can’t help but wonder whether Twitter users drive users away who feel that this is an intrusion on their privacy. What’s your take?

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