Personalization engines

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Last month, leading analyst Gartner released its first-ever global “magic quadrant” for personalization engines. These are stand-alone software solutions that apply context about individual users so that web pages can be tailored to them.

Dynamic Yield, Everage, Monetate, Certona, Adobe and Qubit were listed in the “leaders” quadrant for their respective personalization solutions.

74% get frustrated with websites when content, offers, ads, promotions, etc. appear that have nothing to do with their interests – Janrain study


Movéo insight:

It’s no secret web users increasingly crave brand interactions tailored to their unique needs. Vendors listed in the magic quadrant projected a 35% increase in personalization engine revenue between 2017 and 2018, a reflection of the substantial growth of this new category in the martech ecosystem.

Movéo expects personalization to continue to ramp up in 2019, as it has been shown to increase conversion, marketing effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

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