Marketing Mantras from The Art of Marketing Conference – Part Three

Are you (or any of the clients you work with) hesitant about jumping into social media because you don’t know what to say? If the answer is “yes,” then Gary Vaynerchuk, who we saw speak at The Art of Marketing Conference, would say you’re approaching it all wrong. Instead of broadcasting information and talking about yourself, Gary would tell you to listen to your customers, respond to what they’re saying, offer to help them, and thank them for their business in unique and personal ways. That brings us to the next mantra in our marketing mantras series.

Marketing Mantra #3: Social media is a two-way conversation. 

We could elaborate on this ourselves, but with his enthusiastic speaking style and penchant for dropping the occasional swear word into his presentations, we thought Gary might be more exciting to watch.

Check out this video for Gary’s suggestions on maximizing the potential of social media through conversation and a simple thank you. You can find the other posts in our Marketing Mantras series here.


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