Instant gratification & Olark

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In today’s world, people thrive on instant gratification — whether it’s seeing more “likes” on a photo or getting an instant reply to a text message or email. And as more people demand it, the more opportunities there are for companies to develop tools to meet these demands. One such tool is Olark, an online chat app for customer support.

For website visitors, Olark’s setup is simple and straightforward — a small tab appears at the bottom of a webpage, you click to open it, and begin chatting in real time with a real person. In some cases, messages may be automated to serve up the right message at the right time. Customers can ask questions related to a site’s particular offerings or services, which can, in turn lead to higher conversions and boost ROI.

Olark isn’t just customer-centric, though. The app gives companies who use it better insights into customers’ needs with real-time reporting on chats, including customer location, chat rating, and the page the chat conversation originated from. Olark also allows for interface and language customization as well as transcript filtering to search for specific tags, keywords and more.

A Case for Olark

Movéo has leveraged Olark on behalf of its clients with impressive results.

We’ve seen success with the app’s addition; conversion rates involving Olark in any capacity — whether initiated from the company or visitor side, or if customers launched the app but did not use the chat feature — were nearly 2.5 times higher than the site’s average without the app. For one client, compared to the site’s overall average visit duration of 3:02, the visit duration involving Olark was nearly 11 minutes. For customers initiating chats, the conversion rate was nearly 10 times that of the overall conversion rate without Olark use, with the average visit duration using the app lasting as long as 20 minutes.

Data points to customer interaction as being key to higher conversion rates — they get instant gratification of having their questions answered quickly, and can be more confident in their decisions.

Instant gratification doesn’t always have to be viewed negatively. In fact, it can be a positive in the world of marketing — for companies with products and services that may leave customers with more questions, tools like Olark can be easy ways to meet customer needs head on and boost overall sales.

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