February Favorites in B2B Marketing

Since February is officially over, we thought today would be a great day to round up and share some of our favorite posts on B2B marketing from across the web. In fact, we plan to do a roundup like this at the end of every month.

Think we missed something great? Send it our way.

Content Marketing. Content Strategy. What’s the difference? via Altimeter Group.

Content marketing and content strategy are generating a lot of attention in the B2B marketing space right now, but many people still confuse the two. This great article from Altimeter Group explains the difference, and more importantly, explains how the two can — and should — work together.

How Marketing Executives are Adapting to Online Tools via Marketo.

This infographic captures today’s marketing environment perfectly. We weren’t surprised to see that nearly half of marketing executives expect to increase their use of mobile apps in light of last week’s post.

Why B2B Marketers Should be Pinterested via Godfrey B2B Insights Blog

The blogosphere has been flooded with posts on how different industries can leverage Pinterest for marketing, but this is the first post we’ve seen on the site’s application for B2B. We think product-specific and idea-driven pinboards could be a great fit for some B2B companies, and are excited to see how the B2B world begins to embrace Pinterest.

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