Don’t Slow Down During the Holidays

There’s an unwritten rule among many B2B marketers that December is not a time to launch new campaigns, programs or products. The rationale is that, between regular holiday vacation and last minute days off before the end of the year, there is hardly anyone in the office to receive our emails, hear our sales pitches and get on board with our new initiatives.

We want to challenge this rationale. It’s true that offices will be emptier in December, but being out of the office is no longer the same thing as not working. Thanks to technology, many will be working from home and on the road this holiday season. Despite this fact, many B2B marketers slow down during the holidays, meaning your message will have an easier time breaking through if you do decide to stay active with marketing in December.

As we pointed out in our Black Friday post, recent studies have shown that most people check their work email over the holidays, and yet the volume of inbound marketing email is much lower during holiday weeks. That sounds like the perfect reason to schedule your email campaign for late December if you ask us.

The same could go for making sales calls, hosting webinars, interacting on social media, and participating in a number of other marketing-related tasks over the holidays. Since everything else will have slowed down, there’s a good chance your target will actually have time to hear what you have to say.

So if you’re considering making a marketing push this December, we say go for it! Just don’t all follow our advice at once 😉

Featured image via: Student Life & Leadership

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