Crafting a healthcare marketing strategic plan that cuts through the noise

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There’s a massive amount healthcare-related messages out there, and consumers often aren’t sure which ones to trust. As a marketer, it’s up to you to craft campaigns that will stand out among all of the other messages your audience encounters every day. Whether you work on your own or with a marketing partner, take the time to plan a strategy that will make your organization stand out and your message stick.  Here are a few tips to keep your healthcare marketing strategic, targeted and able to cut through the noise.

Include a thought leadership component

As we’ve discussed in past posts, healthcare is an area in which both consumer audiences and professional audiences crave an expert opinion they can trust. That’s why a thought leadership component can be so valuable to your healthcare marketing.

Rather than adding it haphazardly later on, make thought leadership a consistent and constant part of your overall strategy. Identify an expert voice on your team or who you can work with to develop medically-sound content. Determine the best places to reach your audience. What do they read, online or in print? Do they listen to podcasts? Would they be open to branded content? Are there partners, whether a healthcare app, news outlet or trusted social media presence who you could partner with? Once you’ve researched and identified likely avenues to impact your audience, create a multi-channel approach that incorporates each relevant option.

Refine your message with data

There’s a second key way to set your healthcare marketing apart, and that’s through continuous and data-driven campaign optimization. Every aspect of your digital strategy, from ads to forms gating original content, can be tracked, analyzed and optimized.

When you set your strategic plan, incorporate regular checkpoints to review what’s working and revise your tactics based on successes and missteps. But don’t limit yourself to just putting more spend behind ads that perform and pulling those that don’t. Employ rigorous A/B testing to examine details like the text and design of calls-to-action you use on forms and determine how well they’re reaching your target audience. Even small tweaks in these areas may yield impressive impact, showing that one choice engages your audience in a way another does not.
These are just two of the most notable ways you can construct and enact a healthcare marketing strategy that will make your organization memorable. Would you like to learn more about how your unique brand can make an impact? The Movéo team can help. Contact us now.


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