A crash course on account-based marketing

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In modern B2B marketing, there is no shortage of strategies designed to boost a company’s marketing efforts. But at the end of the day, B2B marketers have the same goal — to drive leads, convert them to customers, and boost ROI. So how can you streamline your processes to grow your business most effectively? The answer is simple: account-based marketing.

What is account-based marketing?

The concept of account-based marketing isn’t new, and it does exactly what its name says. ABM’s main focus is not on lead generation, but on identifying and targeting key accounts and focusing B2B marketing efforts on what will engage targets that are most likely to convert to sales. Oftentimes marketers personalize their content to fit a customer’s unique need.

Why use ABM?

Account-based marketing aligns sales and marketing in a way that standard lead generation campaigns cannot, as each prospect is heavily researched and hyper-targeted. This, in turn, means that while your ABM campaign may not necessarily cast as wide a net as a lead generation campaign, the leads that are “caught” tend to be stronger and more ready to be funneled through to sales — think “quality over quantity.”

Can I use my existing content with ABM?

Because of its laser-focused nature, ABM requires substantial research on your target audience. From this, you can identify strong, existing content that may be valuable to your prospects — so if your business has marketing pieces detailing services you offer that your target wants, you can make good use of this content and spread it to more sales-ready leads.

As marketers, we want to ensure our marketing efforts are as successful as possible. This approach, when used correctly and appropriately, can aid in reaching those goals.

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