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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI), potentially the most disruptive technology in human history, is perhaps most disruptive in the field of marketing. Ad tech companies use AI to power programmatic exchanges and to automatically optimize ad campaigns. Search engine companies use it to power smart bidding of terms. Marketing automation software relies on it to send nurture […]

Identifying Perpetual Novice Syndrome

From the moment you hear about a new tool, technology or trend, the clock starts running. As marketers, we’re expected to figure out what it is, evaluate its appropriateness for our organizations, vet competitive solutions, integrate it with our IT infrastructure, begin executing it flawlessly and stand ready to prove why it is such a […]

Making more effective emails with mobile optimization

Do you remember a time before the ubiquity of mobile devices? For better or worse, the days that all emails were read on a desktop or laptop computer are well behind us. That means if you’re not optimizing your content for mobile, you could be missing your best chance to impact a large segment of […]

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Are you implementing new marketing technologies effectively?

Does your 2016 marketing budget include room for investment in new technologies? It probably should—marketing tech changes quickly and has a major impact on your work. But simply investing in the latest innovations isn’t enough to keep your organization competitive. To succeed, you need to be able to integrate new technology into your existing strategy […]