Are campaign ads teaching Americans to tune out advertising?

Are you excited for Election Day? If you’re anything like most Americans, you’re at least looking forward to the end of campaign advertising.

Excessive political advertising is a mainstay of every Presidential election, but this year’s candidates have spent far more on ads than presidential hopefuls in years past. In fact, The Huffington Post reports that Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and the groups that support them have aired 40 percent more ads this election season than were aired in 2008.

Since we work in marketing, many of us here at Movéo can’t help but wonder whether all these ads are causing Americans to become more resistant to advertising in general. After all, most Americans decide who they are going to vote for long before an election takes place. Since they are no longer in the decision-making process during the weeks when campaign ads are being aired most frequently, it makes sense that they would learn tune out any ads that try to sway their vote one way or another, and in turn, become better at tuning out advertising all together.

What do you think? Has this election season made it even harder than it already was to reach Americans through advertising? Or are we already so resistant to advertising that campaign ads don’t impact us at all?

Featured image via: WCBOE

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