A Few Things We’re Thankful For as B2B Marketers

By this time tomorrow, we’ll all be cooking up big meals in our kitchens, eating turkey and falling asleep while watching football. Many of us will also partake in a Thanksgiving tradition of going around the dinner table and saying one thing we’re thankful for this year. In the spirit of holiday, we’re going to join in on the tradition share a few things we’re thankful for as B2B marketers right here on Get There.

1. The advent of content marketing. Content marketing might not be a new concept, but its popularity has grown enormously over the past year. We’re thankful that many B2B companies are recognizing content marketing as a highly effective way to engage with and provide value for their customers. We’re also thankful for the opportunities we’ve had to devise winning B2B content strategies and develop great content for our clients.

2. Advances in marketing automation and demand generation.  Marketing automation technology has come a long way in the last few years. We’re thankful that new developments have improved targeting and segmentation results, and that new solutions have been introduced that make marketing automation more accessible for smaller companies. It has been exciting to see a shift among B2B marketers from a lead generation mentality to a demand generation mentality as a result of these advances.

3. Social media.  You knew we had to mention social media. We’re thankful that the B2B world is embracing social media with open arms and discovering new business applications for social technologies. It’s not just about building awareness or running special promotions any more. B2B companies are leveraging social media to provide customer service, nurture leads, learn about their target market, recruit employees and much, much more. We’re thrilled about the possibilities that social media presents for our industry and we can’t wait to continue to find new ways to leverage it for our clients.

What are you thankful for this year, work-related or otherwise?

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