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Your brand + local search

Integrated branding requires delivering a consistent message across all marketing channels. An incomplete local listing (think Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, etc.) not only decreases your visibility in search results, but it sends a less than satisfactory message to users about your brand. And sometimes the listings are inaccurate. I can speak from […]

Brand Transparency in a Social Media Age

Internet access provides consumers with endless amounts of information at their fingertips. To put this in perspective, let’s compare our process of collecting information today to that of 15 years ago. Imagine a grade school student in mid-90’s. If this person needed information they would probably start out by asking their parents or another family […]

3 Simple Ways Non-profits Can Promote a Cause Through Social Media

1. Tweet. Find people who are interested in your topic by searching conversations on Reach out by following them and sending them a personalized message. You’ll be surprised by how many follow back or find you by searching through conversations. Once you’ve built a following. Share your important announcements and hopefully some of your […]

Query Parsing Explained

If you’re running a geo-specific AdWords campaign you may have wondered why you sometimes receive, and thus pay, for clicks outside of the area you are targeting. For example, you may be running a campaign for a local business in downtown Chicago. And to make sure that your ads only reach local searchers, you’ve indicated […]

Building From the Inside Out

Many brand-building efforts begin with development of the strategy and then proceed directly to an external launch. The most important step is ignored — communicating the essence and relevance of the brand among all internal stakeholders — making it the fabric of the organization. The most successful organizations understand that if employees are aligned with […]

Hosting videos on your Site vs. YouTube

Many marketers are already aware of the benefit of using video in B2B marketing. But once you’ve decided on this strategy, you still have to decide where you’d like to host the videos – your own Web site or YouTube. There are pros and cons to each, which I explain below. The benefits of hosting […]

B2B Customer Loyalty

Brand loyalty is often associated with B2C companies, although it can be argued that customer retention is just as important (if not more) in the B2B realm. In the past, we’ve discussed some of the differences between B2B and B2C in the buying cycle. More often than not, a B2B purchase is much more involved […]