The Essential Three-Pronged Approach to the New Marketing Value Chain

The Old Marketing Value Chain had two links: rules and tools. The New Marketing Value Chain has three links:      1. Data-driven insight      2. Truly quantifiable strategy      3. Application of creative and technology Data-driven insight, the first link of the new value chain, reveals “why” marketing works. It discerns hidden patterns in the […]


Marketing Essentials: Data As Disrupter

Here on the blog, this month is all about the evolution of marketing. As you’ve probably noticed, it’s changing fast and furiously. Our approaches to marketing and business decision making must be adaptable; we must evolve with the world around us. The most essential part of the New Marketing Value Chain is data. That does […]


The Rules and Tools of the Old Marketing Value Chain

For the past century, marketers have provided value by combining best practices with conventional wisdom and intuition and applying that knowledge across a platform of the latest, greatest tools and channels. In short, they mastered sets of “rules and tools” relevant in their time period. This is the Old Marketing Value Chain, as introduced last […]


What is the Marketing Value Chain?

Earlier this week, we described how marketing has historically fallen short of its ideal of predictability causing inefficiency and waste. Today, we’ll look at the traditional “Marketing Value Chain” to understand its shortcomings and why a new approach is needed. A value chain can be defined as a set of activities that an organization performs […]


Marketing: Same Goal, New Rules

For over 50 years, many people suffering from certain autoimmune disorders have benefited from antibody replacement therapy. The precise mechanism by which this therapy works on these conditions has still not been definitively established. The bottom line is that often, it does work, though doctors cannot predict whether or not it will do so in […]


Affordable Research Techniques for Companies of Every Size

As HubSpot recently pointed out, a small budget doesn’t necessarily prevent your company from conducting market research. From user testing to content surveys, any organization can collect data for minimal cost if they’re willing to put the work in. These methods work for larger companies, too, even though the scale might be drastically different. There […]


In-the-Moment Marketing Data Impacts Every Decision

We’ve spent this month extolling the virtues of data and encouraging marketers to give data a central role in informing decision making and strategy development. But on a practical level, the stream of data coming from your website, social media and CRM can easily become an overwhelming tidal wave of data that multiplies daily. How […]


3 Ways to Respond to B2B Buyer Research

In this year’s Demand Gen Report on B2B buyers, we learn that more than two thirds (68 percent) of respondents agreed that the number of sources they use to research and evaluate purchases has increased over the past year. As we said last week, many marketers are starting to feel like they’re at the mercy […]


B2B Trifecta: Data, Buyers & Social Media

This year, 37 percent of B2B buyers said they spent more time using social media, almost double the 20 percent of respondents in the previous study. Additionally, the number of B2B buyers who connected directly with solution providers via social media increased by more than 57 percent. This is according to this year’s Demand Gen […]

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