How to Turn New Employees Into Leaders

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Igniting leadership at your company often feels easier said than done. Busy executives have growth on their minds, and it’s not uncommon for professional development to take a backseat. On Monday, we discussed the importance of internal investment and shared three ways to inspire organic leadership development for your team. Leadership cultivation for your employees shouldn’t be a gift they’re awarded after two, five or even ten years with the company. Instead, invest in their leadership capabilities from day one….

How to Organically Ignite Leadership at Your Company

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This month, we’re focused on investing within. Internal culture and professional development are essential to a company’s health, though it can be hard to make them a priority amidst external goals. The good news is that it’s not always as expensive or time-consuming as many think. Last week, we discussed the importance of thought leadership and how to cultivate it among your employees. This week, we’re sharing how to empower internal leaders and give them the tools they need to…

Cultivate the Next Generation of Thought Leaders

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Is your company demonstrating thought leadership? Chances are, in one way or another the answer is yes. You might be leading the way in product development in your industry, or you might have employees who are frequently published. Whatever your angle, thought leadership is a key component of content marketing and a smart way to drive new business leads. As digital trends continue to evolve, the value of thought leadership will undoubtedly remain. With that knowledge comes an important question:…

How to Inspire Employees with Your Own Thought Leadership

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This month, we’re focusing the blog on internal investment. Topics will include professional development, company culture and a host of other things that support a company’s greatest asset: its employees. Some executives cringe when they hear the words professional development, assuming it requires expensive conferences and education grants. At most companies, however, a great place for employees to learn is right down the hall. When companies capitalize on the expertise of their own thought leaders, it works well for everyone….

How Thought Leadership Works From the Inside Out

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In our industry, a lot of value is placed on thought leadership and its impact on content marketing. If your company has hired or developed thought leaders of its own, you understand that their expertise adds a lot of merit to your brand. In fact, the value is so high that it can be tempting to focus on projecting their work outwards. Doing so holds the promise of new leads and increased brand value. While promoting your company’s thought leadership…

Roundup: How to Make Your Brand Engaging

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Engagement is about making key relationships work for your company, and this month, we’ve explored how to connect with three important groups: your prospects, customers and employees. Today, we’re sharing some additional resources on engagement to keep the conversation going. Here are four great posts from around the web:   Executive Engagement: Building Top-Floor Content for C-Suites This post is particularly relevant for B2B marketers who want to target top decision makers in their industries. In it, Justin Gray explains…

Video Marketing Meets B2B

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All marketers are being called upon to create increasingly visual and interactive content, so a month dedicated to engagement wouldn’t be complete without addressing video marketing. Video brings a host of complicated questions to the table, and depending on your company, they might not be easy to answer: Should you outsource? Can you manage production in-house? Should you focus on customer or product stories? Quality video production is challenging in every industry, but when complex B2B products are the focus,…

Make Your Brand Cohesive to Increase Engagement

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As we’ve been discussing all month, engagement is essential to business growth but hard to quantify. Most senior leaders would agree that it’s crucial to engage prospects, customers and employees, but devoting equal attention to three siloed groups is difficult. This challenge leads many companies to give up on one or two key categories, usually focusing on the one they assume is most closely linked to revenue. As many have figured out, all three of these groups impact sales and…

Help Employees Grow to Keep Them Engaged

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Employee engagement is a hot topic, and for good reason: your people are your best asset. They interact with customers, drive sales and directly impact business growth. Engagement is defined in a variety of ways, but it always means making the targeted party feel valued and helping them participate in a two-way dialogue. If your company is effectively engaging leads, customers and employees, all three groups will feel that your senior leadership truly cares about their needs. Our tips for…

Make Brand Promise Part of Employees’ Everyday Lives

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On Monday, we discussed that allowing employees to help with decision making is a simple but powerful way to make them feel valued. Today we’ll continue exploring the employee piece of the engagement puzzle with a reminder that might be surprising. Sometimes, keeping your staff excited about their work is easier than you might think. Instead of worrying about expensive conferences and bonuses, simply extend your brand promise to them each and every day. Focusing on external brand perception is…