Internal brand: not a program

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If you’re leading the charge on internal branding at your company, igniting management’s support should be simple. As we discussed last week, that’s the first step. However, getting your employees committed to the internal brand can be a bit more challenging. For a successful campaign, key personnel in every department have to be on board. Wondering how to spread brand promise to staff members in accounting, customer service and human resources? Today, we’re sharing a big piece of the puzzle….

The Brand Road Show

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As we discussed Monday, the first step towards a strong internal brand is C-level support. Top executives must be responsible for driving the brand message internally and consistently over time. Wondering how leaders at your company can demonstrate brand value to employees? Just as you would externally, launch an integrated internal campaign that enables leadership to communicate effectively with every employee on an ongoing basis. Here are two ways to get started: A Brand Road Show Kick off with a…

Internal branding: get support from the top

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By now, you’re convinced of the impact of a strong internal brand. Companies who are internal brand powerhouses – think Apple and GE – have employees who make every single customer touchpoint an expression of their brand promise. And it makes a difference. Those companies have developed communities of devoted people eager to use their products. Believe it or not, your company doesn’t have to be at the mercy of word-of-mouth and reputation. You can shape from within. Active internal…

Internal brand: all about people

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On Friday, we kicked off our series on internal branding. While many companies recognize the value of a strong brand, their focus is usually external. They often overlook the critical role employees play in shaping relationships with target audiences. Advertising and external communications are an important piece of the puzzle, but building strength internally helps companies make the most of one of their greatest brand assets — their people! Bottom-line Impact Every company’s goal has something to do with increasing…

Internal brand: strength from within

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Every company is worried about branding, and understandably, the focus is usually external. But let’s not forget – strength starts at the core. Building a strong internal brand has greater benefits than many realize. The essence of branding is promising and delivering. It’s a simple, yet powerful concept. Companies make promises to customers and do their best to keep them. The most successful companies understand that if employees are aligned with brand promise, every customer interaction becomes an authentic expression…

Lead Management Roundup

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Need a little reading material to take you into the New Year? To conclude our December theme, we’re back with four of our favorite blog posts on lead management from around the web. Lead Management: 4 principles to follow This post from B2B Lead Blog, covering MarketingSherpa’s Lead Gen Summit in September, breaks down three crucial parts of lead management: key principles, ideal customer profiles and data to be collected. It’s a good starting point for beginners and a nice,…

Leads need organization and consistency

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Even if you’re adopting all the lead management tips we’ve covered this month, you won’t be successful without a bit of organization and consistency. If you’re a small company, it’s worth it to invest in a good CRM tool, and if you’re at a larger company, make sure you’re using yours to its full advantage. It should link to your marketing automation software and help optimize your content distribution by making the most of customer habits. To make your lead…

Lead nurturing: even unopened emails are important

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Lead management is a place where companies are usually willing to invest, but that doesn’t make it easy. It can get pretty uncertain, in fact, during the nurturing stage. When marketers don’t know exactly where prospects stand, it’s hard to meet their needs and convince them to buy. Prospects in this stage typically leave emails unopened, calls unanswered and wallets closed. Marketers should not get discouraged by those unopened emails – they actually play an important role in keeping leads…