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moveo june7

Why healthcare marketing experience is critical

When you are looking for a marketing partner to help craft or carry out your healthcare marketing strategic plan, what’s the first thing you take into account? Hint: it should be marketing experience within the industry. While every industry has unique aspects that are best navigated with experience, healthcare is particularly sensitive. Marketers in this […]

moveo new marketing

Remember the new marketing value chain?

In 2014 we introduced the new marketing value chain, a new framework for marketing that replaced the old “rules and tools” approach. In the old marketing value chain, marketers used best practices and conventional wisdom (the rules) and marketing approaches such as advertising, direct mail and trade shows (the tools) the drive sales, engagement and […]

moveo questions

10 questions to ask about your strategic plan

Now that you have a strategic marketing plan to work from, it’s time to ensure that it is feasible to carry out and will be effective in raising your organization’s profile and communicating your key messages. If you’re working with a marketing partner, talk through your strategic plan with them to understand how best to […]

moveo jiani

How A/B testing can transform your B2B marketing

Recently, we brought you a recap of a CRAVE session about benchmarks and analytics by Movéo’s director of data and insights Jiani Zhang. In a followup session, she presented an in-depth look at the power of A/B testing. Here are some of the key takeaways: Types of A/B testing There are two forms of A/B […]

moveo may 5

How to keep your strategy on track over the long term

After a strategy is devised and implemented, your organization must find balance between the essentials of that plan and the need to be responsive to shifting business conditions. When this balance is achieved, your marketing team can address changes in your operating climate without deviating from the core goals and approach you’ve established. As you […]

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