Four Ways to Keep Your Brand Relevant on Facebook

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In late 2013 and early 2014, Facebook presented great challenges to its business users. They’ve been well documented on the marketing blog circuit, and even Facebook themselves have weighed in on the issue. All chatter aside, the reality is that organic reach of Facebook business page posts has almost entirely disappeared. Unpaid posts enjoyed exposure until late fall 2013, but now they reach 2% of followers, maybe 5% on a lucky day. All predictions confirm that organic reach will be…

How We’re Protecting Company Culture

Movéo's Founders | Get There by Movéo

When a company has been in business as long as Movéo, you have to assume we’re doing something right.  Movéo has a long-standing reputation for valuing its employees, and tenure on the team is evidence of that.  Over 25% of Movéo’s employees have been with the firm for more than 10 years! After 26 years of seamless, fun and natural culture, Movéo has recently formalized a committee designed to protect, promote, and enhance one of the most important assets the…

Investing in Your People Roundup

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This month on the blog, we’ve focused entirely on internal investment. The reality is, positive company culture is key to building a strong team, and professional development doesn’t take as much time or money as many people think. Both reap bottom-line rewards for your business, so they’re worth the extra planning and dedication required. Your employees will find work more rewarding on a daily basis, and their happiness, productivity and quality of work will prove it. The same perks won’t…

Give Your Company Great Culture

Movéo Employees | Get There by Movéo

Though we’ve focused largely on outside-the-box professional development ideas in our series in investing within this month, internal investment doesn’t begin and end there. Developing a positive, enriching company culture is another key piece of the puzzle. Company culture is defined by intangibles, and employee perks are one contributing factor. There are a variety of ways to offer benefits, and some of them are more unconventional than others. Health insurance and retirement funds are expected, but fun perks have become…

Four Key Parts of Successful Professional Mentorship

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This month, we’ve been sharing ways to improve company culture through outside-the-box professional development. The value of mentorship has come up more than once, and today we want to explore it a little further. Your company’s mentorship initiatives might be structured programs, like our onboarding process, or they might be a casual part of the culture. Either way, the themes of mentor-mentee relationships are the same. If your company lacks internal mentorship, there are some ways to encourage it. You…

The Best Companies Turn Failure Into Success

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An important part of positive internal culture is making learning part of your brand, as we discussed Monday. As a tool, we suggested that companies frame failure as a positive thing. Sound crazy? It shouldn’t. Most employees live in fear of mistakes, when really, they should be celebrated as learning opportunities. But when everyone is concerned with being criticized, viewed as subpar, or worse, getting fired, it’s hard to permeate your culture with the understanding that mistakes are okay–and maybe…

Allow for Realistic Employee Growth & Development

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This month, we’re decoding internal investment and professional development. Most people agree that they are both pillars of positive company culture, but they’re often neglected. The good news is that if you think outside the box, they actually require less time and money than people think. In fact, one of the best things employers can do is provide realistic support of their team’s future career development, even if the path isn’t internal. Moral support is certainly affordable, and over the…

Make Learning Part of Your Internal Brand

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Earlier this year, Get There featured a series on internal branding. A company’s internal brand can be thought of as many things–company culture and employment brand are two examples, and some companies have even coined their own term. Whatever you call it, there’s no denying that internal brand strength is essential to a thriving business. It encapsulates what it actually feels like to work for a company day in and day out and makes employees happier. It’s worth the investment…

How Mentorship Helps Your Company Thrive

Movéo's Founders | Get There by Movéo

To continue this month’s exploration of internal investment, we’re here to discuss something that a lot of people value but few take time for: mentorship. As we said last Wednesday, it’s often difficult for busy executives to find the time to mentor others who have less experience. With pressing business issues and sales goals at hand, mentorship can begin to seem less worthwhile and more like a feel-good idea with no true benefit. As much as another commitment sounds like…

How to Turn New Employees Into Leaders

Movéo Employees | Get There by Movéo

Igniting leadership at your company often feels easier said than done. Busy executives have growth on their minds, and it’s not uncommon for professional development to take a backseat. On Monday, we discussed the importance of internal investment and shared three ways to inspire organic leadership development for your team. Leadership cultivation for your employees shouldn’t be a gift they’re awarded after two, five or even ten years with the company. Instead, invest in their leadership capabilities from day one….