Goodbye ROI, Hello IOG

Today’s guest post comes to you from Bob Murphy, Managing Partner at Movéo.  In 1992, Peter Danaher and Roland T. Rust published a paper in the European Journal of Operational Research titled, “Determining the optimal return on investment for an advertising campaign.” They began with a point of view – “…advertising is an investment, and [we] […]


Content and the mobile monster

Every marketer knows that mobile is unavoidable. More data is being consumed on mobile devices with each passing day, even though bigger screens are usually within reach. Consumers are opting for the convenience of having a smartphone in hand, and marketers have to create content with that in mind. How do you reduce your brand’s […]


Curation: we give you permission

Content curation is a double-edged sword. Some marketers feel guilty about sharing other people’s work for their own gain, yet it feels like the only way to keep up. Truthfully, you shouldn’t feel bad at all. Curation is a healthy part of a good content strategy. Consistent content for your community calls for a mixture […]


Content for each stage of the funnel

Without preparation, content production can be an arduous and never-ending process. If you’re a marketer but feel like you’re out of shape and running a marathon, you might not have equipped yourself for the race. To be ready, utilize this content marketing trick. Develop specific content for each stage of the sales funnel. In our […]


Four essential parts of a content resource center

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need for great content marketing. As you develop your own team, it’s your job to equip them with the tools for success. Sometimes, this means investing in new technology, but believe it or not, one of the most valuable ways to prepare them won’t cost a thing. That’s […]


Content: beauty in execution

When you work to optimize content marketing, start with a documented content strategy and a strong team for execution. Wondering about the next step? Well, equally important as the people who will put your plan into action are the tools that make it possible. Though it might seem like a given to some, it’s important […]


Get help with content in unlikely places

The benefits of content marketing are becoming increasingly apparent, and more companies are exploring how to make it part of their everyday operations. The first step is a good content strategy, and the second step is a strong team for execution. If you’re just getting serious about strategic content marketing, chances are you’re worried about […]


Content Strategy: Use what you have

By now, we’re sure you agree – a content strategy is key to effective content marketing. The truth of the matter, though, is that it’s intimidating. As a marketer, you’re probably consumed with content production in the here and now, and planning for the future might feel next to impossible. Small business marketers tend to […]


Content: Less is more

Brian Davies, managing partner at Movéo, has great things to say about content marketing. In his free white paper – “The 5 New Laws of Content,” the first law is the Law of Consumption: As the rate of content consumption increases, the value of fresh content increases. Consumption rates are clearly climbing, which raises a […]


You’d never take a trip without a roadmap

It’s true. You’d never take a trip without a roadmap, so why tackle content without one? In their study of B2B Content Marketing, the Content Marketing Institute proved something we’ve known all along: a documented content strategy is non-negotiable. While this might seem obvious, only 44% of B2B marketers report having one. It might be […]

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