Connecting data to your customers

So far, we’ve focused our big data posts on developing a greater understanding of what it actually means and how it can work for you. Technical knowledge aside, the most important piece of the puzzle is understanding how to connect it to customers. Therein lies true optimization. Putting hype behind us, most companies are experiencing […]


Four focus areas for your big data investment

If you’re a company looking to make a data investment, you probably have one thing on your mind – optimization for business growth. You’re headed in the right direction, but with all that big data brings to the table, it can be hard to know where to focus your energy and funds. To answer the […]


Four key elements to finding the RIGHT data

As we mentioned earlier this month, big data isn’t always the answer. Data-driven marketing and business strategies, however, are right for everyone. If you’re thinking about a big data investment, consider this first. Sometimes optimizing information for your company means finding the right data to match your goals, whether or not it’s the biggest. An […]


Four ways to equip your staff to manage big data

In our recent exploration  of who should handle data at your company, we shared some of the perks of training existing employees to manage complex data sets. A recent survey by New Vantage Partners reports that as executives prepare to increase data investment over the next few years, an overwhelming 68% plan to retrain current […]


Who should manage data at your company?

As the collective desire to optimize big data grows, your company is probably facing many decisions, and you’re not alone. Every organization is trying to determine what kind of investment is right for them and how data can make the biggest impact on their goals. One of the most important questions to ask before moving […]


Big Data isn’t Always Necessary – Three Questions to Ask

On Wednesday, we raised an important question about big data. While analytics prove that everyone is talking about the topic, how many truly understand what it means? At this point, companies clamoring to make sure they’re prepared for the future might be concerned about whether or not their data is “big” enough. Many are ready […]


Big Data Defined

Last week, we introduced our latest blog theme: data optimization. This topic is front and center right now, and everyone ‘s talking about it. However, that doesn’t mean people understand how big data is really defined. With countless definitions floating around, and many of them complex and confusing, it’s hard for companies to know exactly what […]


Big Data Breakthrough

How do you feel about big data? In 2013, that became the question of the hour. Big data technologies have been in place for quite some time, but they didn’t become part of mainstream knowledge until recently. While data and metadata from social networks and internet behaviors have been collected for at least ten years, […]


Living the Brand

Strong internal brands complement and leverage the power of their companies’ corporate brands. In many ways, they are employee manifestations of external branding. They set expectations for how employees should represent the company and how customers should be treated. They help employees commit to business and mission, because the value associated with their place of […]


Three ways to sustain your internal brand

For anything to thrive and grow, it must be nurtured. Believe it or not, this applies just as much to your internal brand as it does to your houseplant. To keep employees engaged and encourage them to consistently express brand promise to customers, make plans to sustain internal branding over the long term. Wondering how […]

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