Black Friday and Cyber Monday Opportunities for B2B


With the biggest shopping day of the year just one week away, we have our minds on unique opportunities that exist for B2B companies to take advantage of the spike in shopping and spending that is about to take place. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are typically thought of as consumer-driven events, we believe that B2B companies can get in on the action with a few clever strategies. Back in 2010, Matt Heinz wrote a post on Social Media…

A Two-Part Formula for Content Marketing Success


One of the biggest challenges that most companies face when it comes to content marketing is developing enough high quality content to feed their various channels and keep their audience interested. Content creation is a lot of work, and typically requires coordination between several different departments or practice areas. But what if content creation wasn’t the only key to content marketing success? We believe that the best content marketing programs are built around a simple, two-part formula: Content Creation +…

Use Social Media to Identify and Learn About Prospects


For most companies, social media is all about generating awareness, building relationships and providing customer service. But for B2B businesses, social can play another important, but often overlooked role. It can help you identify and gather intelligence about your prospective customers that your sales team can use in the field. Any good salesperson knows that learning as much as you can about a prospective customer before going into a first meeting or sales pitch improves your chances of closing the…

The One Element Every Business Website Needs


Your company’s website can fulfill many different purposes. It can raise awareness of your brand, provide information on your products or services, and even make sales. But even if your site does all of these things, it won’t be living up to its full potential unless it includes one element that is more important than anything else. That element is an opt-in. What’s an opt-in? It’s simply the place on your site (ideally on your homepage) where you ask your…

Introducing: Ask The B2B Experts


Have you ever faced a difficult situation at work and wished you had a B2B marketing expert you could call up for advice?  Now you do! Beginning this month, we’re accepting your burning B2B marketing questions on Facebook and Twitter. At the end of each month, we’ll pick one of our favorite questions from the mix and bring one of our resident B2B marketing experts in front of the camera to answer it. We hope we’ll all get a bit…

Are campaign ads teaching Americans to tune out advertising?


Are you excited for Election Day? If you’re anything like most Americans, you’re at least looking forward to the end of campaign advertising. Excessive political advertising is a mainstay of every Presidential election, but this year’s candidates have spent far more on ads than presidential hopefuls in years past. In fact, The Huffington Post reports that Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and the groups that support them have aired 40 percent more ads this election season than were aired in 2008….

Archive Post: Brand Transparency in a Social Media Age


As we wrap up our series of archive posts in honor of our 25th anniversary, we’re excited to share with you one of our all-time favorite posts from Get There. Social media has grown explosively since this post was written back in 2010, but its message about the Internet’s impact on brand transparency is more relevant now than ever before. Internet access provides consumers with endless amounts of information at their fingertips. To put this in perspective, let’s compare our…

October Faves


Happy Halloween! We’re taking some time away from celebrating one of our favorite holidays around the office to share some of our favorite B2B marketing posts from the last month with you. Hopefully this is just one of the many treats you’ll get to enjoy today. Five Traits of Successful B2B Content Marketers by Chris Horton via Social Media Today We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Content marketing is tough. Effective content marketers are a unique breed….

Pinterest At Work: Four Pinboard Ideas for Your Marketing Department


Are you using Pinterest at work? If not, you should be. Now, we’re not suggesting that you spend hours browsing photos of mouthwatering food, creative weddings and expensive clothing while you should be working. Pinterest is a great (and addictive) site for someone who wishes to do any of those things, but it can also be a fantastic tool for marketing departments. When we say you should use Pinterest at work, we mean you should use it for work. Pinterest…

Archive Post – It’s a Fact: Strong Brands Drive B2B Markets


As we close out the series of archive posts we’ve been featuring this month, we would be remiss not to include something from Kevin Randall, our Director of Brand Strategy and Research. As you may already know, Kevin is a renowned expert on all things brand and frequently contributes to FastCompany, BrandChalle, Marketing Profs and many other leading publications. The archive post we’re featuring today appeared originally on BrandChannel and is one of our favorite pieces of Kevin’s work. If…