B2B Companies Advertise on The Olympics


The 2012 Olympic Games are set to kick off next week in London, and several B2B companies are ready to make a big advertising splash. As BtoB Magazine reports, companies such as Citigroup, Dow Chemical Co., General Electric Co., Panasonic and Visa have all made major ad buys for the upcoming Games. Sure, some of these companies (Visa, Panasonic, Citigroup) target the consumer segment as well as businesses, so we can understand why they’d decide to run ads during one…

Don’t Make These Common Lead Nurturing Mistakes


If you work in marketing or sales for a B2B company, lead nurturing is undoubtedly an important part of your day-to-day life. Depending on how you handle it, lead nurturing can be a time-consuming practice with little reward, or an efficient and highly effective way to gain new customers. Lead nurturing mistakes are easy to make, but fortunately, they are also easy to correct. Avoid the three lead nurturing mistakes we see most frequently, and you can be sure that…

Six Ways to Improve Engagement on Your B2B Brand’s Facebook Page


If you follow us on Twitter, you might have heard us buzzing about Mashable’s report that Facebook tab engagement is down 53% since the timeline feature became mandatory. This statistic was surprising, especially given that Facebook touted improved tab visibility as one of the key benefits of the timeline. So, now that you know that tabs are not the best way to get people involved, what can you do to drive fan engagement on your Facebook page? Here are a…

Are the Lines Blurring Between B2C and B2B Marketing?


While flipping through the latest edition of Ad Age over the weekend, an article called “Why business-to-business advertising is increasingly also aimed at consumers,” instantly caught my eye. The story, written by Editor-in-Chief Rance Crain, calls attention to what seems to be a growing trend: Increasingly, B2B brands are advertising to general consumers with messages that emphasize their connections to consumer products. The reason for this, Crain says, is that B2B companies believe general consumer support can positively impact the…

Your Customers Are Mobile, Are You?


Now that Fourth of July festivities are officially over, we’re getting back to business here on Get There. Today, we’re excited to welcome our Media Planner Katie Gurney to the blog with a guest post on a topic near and dear to our hearts: mobile advertising. Take it away, Katie!

Brush up on B2B Marketing With Get There


Whether you’re on vacation in celebration of the Fourth of July, or still in the office, today is a great time for some “light reading” to brush up on your B2B marketing skills. We’ve rounded up some of our most popular Get There Posts from the last few months for you to browse through as you close out the holiday weekend. Enjoy! Our Four Favorite Social Media Tools for B2B Companies What B2B Lead Generation Looks Like Today B2B’s Best…

The Pros and Cons of Crowdsourcing for Creative


In the last few years, the trend of crowdsourcing for creative work has really taken off. Sites like 99Designs and crowdSPRING have made it possible for any company seeking simple creative services (like a logo or business card design) to post an assignment, receive hundreds of concepts to choose from, and then pay for only the design they decide to use (usually under $300). It sounds too good to be true, and from the perspective of many creatives, it is….

Using LinkedIn’s Targeted Status Updates to Build Your B2B Network


In case you haven’t heard, LinkedIn introduced a new feature that could be very valuable for B2B companies last week. Their new Targeted Status Updates for company pages will allow companies to target their connections by any number of factors (industry, company size, title etc.) and then send specific status updates only to certain groups. Wondering how you can use this new feature to your advantage? Here are a few tips: Tailor your content to specific industries. Targeted Status Updates…

June Faves


It’s the last week in June, and as always, we’re sharing a few of our favorite B2B marketing posts from the last month. Here’s what’s been keeping us interested and on our toes in June: Social Media Does Not Influence B2B Buyers via Business2Community After all the investment (both time and money) that B2B companies have put into social media in the last few years, we’re happy someone took a step back to evaluate the merit behind BtoB magazine’s proclaimation…

5 Ways to Turn Your Simple B2B Presentations into Must-See Events

We’re excited to welcome our Junior Copywriter Brannon Smith to Get There as a guest poster today. We asked Brannon to stop by the blog to share his thoughts on combatting one of the biggest blunders in B2B marketing: boring presentations. Take it away, Brannon! ————- Ranked right up there with the fear of flying, public speaking has earned a reputation for seriously freaking people out. Add variables like workplace advancement and the opinions of colleagues to the mix, and…