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maximize accuracy in data-driven predictions

How to Maximize Accuracy in Your Data-Driven Predictions

When your team designs a strategy for an upcoming campaign, do you rely on data-driven predictions? Doing so can be helpful as you work to understand the market climate, outline a strategy and begin tracking outputs. But you also have to ask yourself, are the predictions you’re working with accurate? Thorough data analysis will pay […]

marketing accountable to data

Why develop my next campaign around data?

This month on the blog, we are focusing our content on using data to plan future marketing campaigns. Today, we’re beginning this discussion with a basic overview of the traits of data and analytics that make them such important tools in campaign planning. Objective At the UX Poland Conference, presenter Jeff Parks said “without research, […]

marketing tactics for success

Top Tactics for Success With the New Value Chain

The new marketing value chain relies on rigorous data analysis and the strategic application of insights. Social media, email marketing and content creation are three areas in which marketers can succeed with new value chain tactics, which can in turn lead to widespread growth. Take a look at the value of these three digital tools […]

content marketing and metrics

The Relationship Between Marketing Content and ROI

In all of our talk about data and analytics, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of content. We’ve talked before about the importance of creating quality content, especially as the amount of content generated through social media, blogging and other platforms increases. In today’s world, 4.75 billion pieces of content are […]

metrics for marketing success

Four Metrics That Measure Marketing’s Success

Earlier this month, we wrote about the importance of using data to communicate marketing’s impact on ROI to colleagues and bosses outside the marketing department. Friday’s post focused on key performance indicators (KPIs) that are essential to the new marketing value chain. These are important benchmarks for your marketing efforts and your company. In this […]

marketing KPIs

The New Marketing Value Chain and KPIs

With the emergence of the new marketing value chain comes the imperative to focus on new key performance indicators (KPIs). While mixing up your KPIs and becoming accountable for new metrics can be rattling for marketers who are used to a certain way of doing things, shifting your focus can make for smarter, more efficient […]

marketing value chain and revenue

The Marketing Value Chain and Revenue: Closing the Loop

When you’re in a quarterly meeting with your CEO, it’s not the open rate on your latest email or the number of Twitter followers you’ve accrued that’s going to prove your value to the business. Instead, what really matters is your impact on revenue. Proving that your marketing operations have had a clear, positive impact […]

data and insights in marketing

How the New Marketing Value Chain is Impacting Business Growth

The new marketing value chain doesn’t just help marketing teams do their jobs — it helps entire companies succeed. Since the fall, we’ve been blogging about the differences between the old and new marketing value chains, and why a transition to the new, data-driven marketing approach is crucial in today’s digital economy. But how does […]

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