Positive Adaptation Tip #1: Accept Accelerated Change

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Our rapidly accelerating culture is one in which marketers feel the need to constantly learn, adopt, and master each new tool that becomes available. This behavior leads to an inability to use any of them to their utmost potential. The first step towards Positive Adaptation – our best shot at “keeping up” – is to accept accelerated change. Get Comfortable with Short-Range Plans Buddhists believe that because everything is in a state of flux, attachment becomes cause for future suffering….

Positive Adaptation: The Cure for Perpetual Novice Syndrome

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As we discussed Monday, our fast-paced world is creating Perpetual Novice Syndrome among marketers. How are we supposed to learn every new tool and trend? On top of that, how are we supposed to use each to its fullest potential? The answer is more simple than you might think: Positive Adaptation. Though it is possible that the rate of innovation will slow down, it is unlikely. We believe that this constant state of disruptive change is the “new norm.” If…

Suffering from Perpetual Novice Syndrome? You’re Not Alone.

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Here at Movéo, we have been thinking a lot recently about how marketers can succeed in a world that refuses to slow down. Technology is advancing at an alarming rate, providing marketers with endless tools and countless options to reach their customers. Sometimes, it seems impossible to know which ones to use or how to use them most effectively. This pace of change is dizzying, and while it is exciting to meet the challenge of change within the industry, it…

Groups: LinkedIn’s Most Valuable Feature

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LinkedIn is popular among B2B marketers, but it is a lesser understood social network, leaving some unsure how to use it most effectively. Even if they utilize the platform, many marketers are not using the feature we believe to be most valuable to them: LinkedIn Groups. Here are a few reasons Groups will work for you: The Rules Apply Though you are probably not a marketer who needs them, there are a set of rules by which Group users must…

Content Marketing Falling Flat? Conduct a Content Audit.

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As a recent Forrester study showed, B2B buyers will find three pieces of content relating to a vendor for each one that is pushed out by the company. This content is found in many channels – intentional via search engine research and unintentional via social media – and is constantly accessible on computers, smart phones, and tablets. In many ways, this content overload has given the B2B buyer an advantage over the B2B seller. It is unnerving that the content…

Turning Buyers Into Influencers: A Simple Strategy

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Marketers know that customer relationships cannot end when sale is reached. Instead, they must grow stronger. It is at this point – after purchase – that a customer becomes most valuable to its company. We like to look at it this way: in the new sales funnel, customers do not exist once they’ve made a purchase. These past customers are poised to become a B2B brand’s most powerful salespeople. Converting buying customers into brand advocates is a crucial building block…

Spring Cleaning for Your Email List

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Every marketer knows that email is still a useful tool. Last week, we discussed the importance of using compelling subject lines to get emails opened, and it is clearly of utmost importance to develop relevant, meaningful content for your customers. What we have not discussed is something that to some, seems obvious: the heart of any good email campaign is a good list. Subscribers who want to hear what you have to say will lead to engagement and trust and,…

Five Website Features That Improve Conversion

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The success of any website lies in its conversion rate. Gone are the days when simply building site traffic was sufficient; today, those visits must be converted into something more – direct leads or sales. Though increasing conversion can seem like a daunting task for B2B companies, we believe it is not as hard as it sounds. Here are five website features that improve conversion rates: Prominent Opt-in Forms This may seem obvious, but many companies camouflage their opt-in forms…

Are You Building Trust?

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While navigating the new B2B sales funnel, prospective customers devote a lot of time to consideration and research before ever making a purchase. It is the marketer’s job to find a way to move them from problem to solution in the form of a sale. The only way to do this, it seems, is by building trust. Prospects are more inclined to purchase when a sense of trust has been developed with a particular company. Marketers must consider whether or…