So You Want to Make a Difference?

This month on the blog, we’ve given you plenty of information on how marketers are making a difference that extends beyond their fields and impacts the greater good. But today, let’s take a step back and focus on how one company or one person can choose to use marketing to promote the greater good. Business […]


Marketers: How Can You Show Your Commitment to the Greater Good?

How can a business demonstrate their commitment to making a difference? These three B2B businesses have made a public commitment to a cause. Each works to show that commitment in a meaningful way, and marketers can learn lessons from each of them. Atlassian Partners With Room to Read According to TechCrunch, Atlassian, an enterprise software […]


Unexpected Impacts from Marketing

This month, we’ve been writing about the impact of strong marketing campaigns. But in addition to the intended impact, B2B marketing campaigns can have unpredictable repercussions. Sometimes, these unintended consequences hit a business right where it matters most: in sales. In a blog post called “Are Your Go-To-Market Strategies Creating Negative Buyer Perceptions,” buyer insight […]

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How the New Marketing Value Chain Makes a Bigger Impact

As we talked about last week, the new marketing value chain provides B2B and healthcare companies with more opportunities than ever to affect the world around them. Today, we’re going to go into depth about how a data-centered approach bests the old “rules and tools” value chain not just in terms of business effectivity, but […]


How Our Operations Change Our Impact

What do data and analytics have to do with making a difference? As Movéo addressed in our white paper, The New Marketing Value Chain, data insights drive modern marketing. These insights must then be applied to marketing campaigns through carefully-considered strategy and creative work. The New Marketing Value Chain allows marketers to make a significant […]

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Why Should We Care About Making a Difference?

Making a difference sounds good and feels good, but in the end, aren’t marketers mainly responsible for generating more sales? What’s in it for business? Ultimately, it is beneficial for business to care about corporate social responsibility and promote the greater good for several reasons. From a marketing perspective, doing good raises a brand’s profile […]

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Marketing and Social Sustainability

At the beginning of the month, we explained how B2B marketing impacts the greater good–a relationship that isn’t always clear at first. As we’ve seen, however, B2B marketing can have a profound positive impact on the communities, people, and institutions in which companies operate. It’s not just the bottom line that B2B marketing can influence, […]

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Three B2B Marketing Campaigns That Promote the Greater Good

According to Al Iannuzzi’s book Green Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands, “firms have been pressured by market forces to take responsibility for the supply chain.” Iannuzzi, a director of global product stewardship and green marketing at Johnson & Johnson, writes about how major brands have been called on to improve both the […]

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