Lead nurturing: even unopened emails are important

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Lead management is a place where companies are usually willing to invest, but that doesn’t make it easy. It can get pretty uncertain, in fact, during the nurturing stage. When marketers don’t know exactly where prospects stand, it’s hard to meet their needs and convince them to buy. Prospects in this stage typically leave emails unopened, calls unanswered and wallets closed. Marketers should not get discouraged by those unopened emails – they actually play an important role in keeping leads…

Lead nurturing: why it matters

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Lead nurturing gets a lot of attention. Wondering why? Jon Miller, co-founder of Marketo, defines lead nurturing as this: “…the art of maintaining permission to ‘keep in touch’ with potential customers as they educate themselves, with the goal of being top of mind when they are ready to move into a buying phase.” Notice that key point – as customers educate themselves. It’s a marketers job to nurture that process and to be the first company that pops into their…

Where content meets lead nurturing

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Monday was all about the role data plays in lead management. Lead scoring, however, isn’t the end of it. Data should shape your entire lead management strategy — including content. Isn’t demand generation essentially smart content strategy, anyway? When it comes to content planning, consider your data a directive. The links your leads have been clicking determine exactly what you should send them next. To nurture leads, increase future engagement and encourage sales, pay attention to the information you have….

Lead Scoring 101

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Every lead management strategy tackles lead scoring, like it or not. Thanks to the data and detail-oriented tracking involved, it sounds intimidating, but today, we’re showing you just how accessible and useful it really is. Defined, lead scoring is gauging a prospect’s interest level by actions taken. The digital age has provided us with a wealth of insight into lead behavior, and not using it wastes a valuable pathway to increased revenue. In case you’re new to lead scoring, here…

No Lead Left Behind

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Yep, that’s right – our policy is No Lead Left Behind. Sometimes, despite careful nurturing, leads choose not to buy. Even if your lead management framework is smart and strategic, and your leads get the right content at the right time, some prospects get cold feet in the final stage. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place. Recycling isn’t just for the environment. A shocking 80% of leads end up lost or discarded, but effective lead management…

How does data shape lead management?

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As every marketer knows, the big data conversation has taken off this year. Suddenly, we have more data at our fingertips than we know what to do with. Data and marketing are both powerful standing alone, but together, they’re unstoppable. Every aspect of marketing is influenced by data in different ways, which brings us to today’s question: How exactly should data shape lead management? With so much lead insight available, it’s hard to know where to focus. Here are the sets of data…

Lead management: the hand off from marketing to sales

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One of the biggest issues surrounding lead management is the hand off – that moment when marketing knows a lead is ready for sales to work its magic and confidently turns it over. Understanding exactly when that should happen is a challenging, yet critical part of a good lead management strategy. Many B2B companies rely heavily on outreach from their sales teams, making it crucial for marketing to provide them with leads who are primed for the next step. Done…

Lead management: the self-directed buyer

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Lead management has faced big changes in the past ten years. The rise of the self-directed, knowledgeable buyer has forced marketers to focus less on blanket outreach campaigns and more on getting discovered by consumers who are looking for answers. This can be challenging, but the most successful marketers have no problem. They rely on a smart, integrated approach to demand generation and inbound marketing. Here are five ways to help leads find you: 1. Get comfortable with SEO. Using…

Lead Management: Planning Required

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The digital age marks the rise of the self-directed buyer. Today’s consumer takes ownership of the buying process with internet search and social media, and as a result, they don’t engage with sales representatives until much later in the sales cycle. The old style of lead management – mass marketing and list purchasing – just doesn’t work anymore. Marketers are required to nurture leads in innovative ways to bridge the gap between self-direction and closing sale. Last month we discussed…

Leads have changed

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Like everything else, lead management has changed with the digital landscape. Internet touches have a lot of reach, but today’s lead generation process is different – there’s less direct contact. Marketers are required to find new ways to obtain the same old thing: a quality list with clean information. Today’s knowledgable consumers often find companies before marketers even have a chance to discover them. And at that point, they’re often in an advanced stage of the sales funnel, nearing the point…