Employment brand: deliver on promises

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Companies typically view the benefits of employment branding to be talent acquisition and recruitment, but they run much deeper. The ultimate goals are increased revenues and profit margins. Your employment brand faces both outward to prospective hires and inward to current employees. However tempting it may be to focus your time and money on acquisition, it’s critical that you continue to cultivate relationships with the employees you already have. A well-defined employment brand aligns employee and management expectations so that…

Talent acquisition – how to stand out from competition

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Putting effort into your employment brand reaps great rewards for your company. It impacts your bottom line and gives customers a consistent brand experience. Luckily, when it comes to talent acquisition, employment branding makes you stand out from competition. You’ll become what every company wants to be — the top choice for top talent. Time and again, studies show that salary is not the most important factor when people decide where to work. Instead, they look for the organization that…

Three ways a strong employment brand impacts your company

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On Monday, we discussed how strong employment branding leads to talent. It’s pretty straightforward, but today we’re taking it a step further. The benefits of fortifying your employment brand go far beyond recruitment and retention – straight to the bottom line. Three ways a strong employment brand directly impacts your company: 1. Increased revenues and profit margins Employees who truly believe in your mission and values do better work, and better work results in increased revenues. It’s that simple. These…

How internal branding leads to talent

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Strong internal branding usually leads to another crucial piece of business success: a strong employment brand. While the two are similar, they have to be nurtured in separate ways. At their core, however, they have something important in common — employee empowerment. If you’re not sure how your company’s employment brand is doing, understanding the answers to these three questions will help: What exactly is employment brand? Simply defined, employment brand is the perception your employees and prospective hires have…

Employee Spotlight Featuring Kevin Randall

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Great organizations understand the power of their people. Building and reinforcing the brand internally inspires employees to deliver the brand promise to customers at every turn. These advocates help move your organization closer to its vision. When employees are bolstered internally, their expertise often extends itself outside the company, even beyond its customer base. Movéo’s own Kevin Randall, Vice President of Strategy & Planning, is a perfect example. His thinking has been published by The New York Times, The Atlantic,…

Internal brand: a long-term commitment

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Once you have support from the top for your internal branding campaign, next steps require some strategy and planning. After all, the brand is here to stay. The most important thing to accompany your campaign is long-term commitment, because the process unfolds over time. Internal branding starts with employee awareness and eventually leads to behavior. Companies who undertake brand strengthening must understand that it takes time and dedication for that commitment to infiltrate every corner of every department. Your Brand…

Internal brand: not a program

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If you’re leading the charge on internal branding at your company, igniting management’s support should be simple. As we discussed last week, that’s the first step. However, getting your employees committed to the internal brand can be a bit more challenging. For a successful campaign, key personnel in every department have to be on board. Wondering how to spread brand promise to staff members in accounting, customer service and human resources? Today, we’re sharing a big piece of the puzzle….

The Brand Road Show

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As we discussed Monday, the first step towards a strong internal brand is C-level support. Top executives must be responsible for driving the brand message internally and consistently over time. Wondering how leaders at your company can demonstrate brand value to employees? Just as you would externally, launch an integrated internal campaign that enables leadership to communicate effectively with every employee on an ongoing basis. Here are two ways to get started: A Brand Road Show Kick off with a…

Internal branding: get support from the top

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By now, you’re convinced of the impact of a strong internal brand. Companies who are internal brand powerhouses – think Apple and GE – have employees who make every single customer touchpoint an expression of their brand promise. And it makes a difference. Those companies have developed communities of devoted people eager to use their products. Believe it or not, your company doesn’t have to be at the mercy of word-of-mouth and reputation. You can shape from within. Active internal…

Internal brand: all about people

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On Friday, we kicked off our series on internal branding. While many companies recognize the value of a strong brand, their focus is usually external. They often overlook the critical role employees play in shaping relationships with target audiences. Advertising and external communications are an important piece of the puzzle, but building strength internally helps companies make the most of one of their greatest brand assets — their people! Bottom-line Impact Every company’s goal has something to do with increasing…