cultivate brand loyalty

Listening to data: what are your customers telling you?

It doesn’t take a face-to-face meeting to learn what your customers and leads are seeking online. They are already telling you through their behavior on your website and their interactions — or lack of interactions — with your content across channels. Once you have a robust understanding of these behaviors, you can predict your customers’ […]

optimize your content for search

Four ways to optimize your content for search today

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something companies can no longer afford to ignore. How can you be sure that every piece of content you create is working to boost your website’s performance in search? SEO is an ever-changing field, so even if all your content was perfectly optimized just a few months ago, it may […]

evergreen content

Is your content really getting found?

Top-notch content can only build your brand if people can find and appreciate it. Even content that initially engages your audience quickly loses value if you do not continue to promote it. The good news: you can make your content work harder for your business. By creating evergreen content and tailoring it for use across […]

marketing next big thing marketing gamification

Is your marketing ready for the next “big thing”?

Every year, it seems marketers get fixated on one or two “big things.” These trends tend to dominate conversations and airwaves until they’ve either died out, or we’ve collectively said everything that can be said about them and have moved onto something more timely. A few years ago it was Twitter. Then it was inbound […]

cross-channel campaign

Optimizing your campaign for success: how to choose the right channels

Compelling messages and attention-grabbing creative are great, but if they’re not delivered through the correct channels, what’s the point? Your campaigns will never reach your target customers unless they’re delivered based on a data-driven channel strategy that focuses on finding the best vehicles for the job. To optimize the channels through which you deliver your […]

email marketing

How to make your email marketing work harder

Since the early days of email marketing, just about every industry has jumped on board. Marketing messages swamp work and personal inboxes, and it takes a lot more to stand out than it once did. Last year, we spent a whole month talking about the power of email marketing, but this important component of the […]

video campaigns

Is video the future of B2B and healthcare content?

Is video the next great content channel for B2B? 76 percent of B2B marketers saying they will use video in their content marketing sometime this year. Video is shown to be as effective as blogging for B2B marketers, but given the costs associated with producing high-quality video content, companies need to strategically design video campaigns […]

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