Kevin Randall’s latest on Fast Company

As many of you know, our Director of Brand Strategy and Research Kevin Randall frequently writes for Fast Company about the intersection between branding and business. We might be biased, but we agree with The Wall Street Journal that “Harvard Business School For the Facebook Age,” is a must-read.

As one of the most well-reputed educational institutions in the world, it might not seem like Harvard Business School has been suffering from a branding problem. But as Kevin reports in his article, leaders at HBS recently made the decision to completely reinvent the school’s curriculum, facilities and brand identity based on a recognition that their traditional approach was becoming less relevant in today’s startup culture.

The school has been losing its reputation as an innovator as schools like Stanford, with its close proximity to Silicon Valley, and forward-thinking institutions like MIT and Babson gain ground.  And no one can ignore the fact that a few now famous CEOs (one of whom became a multi-billionaire this week) are Harvard dropouts. It’s no coincidence that the new HBS building looks an awful lot like Facebook headquarters.

We think there are some great lessons here, not just for higher ed, but also for business. If you’re a longstanding company, Kevin’s article might get you thinking about how you can stay relevant among the Facebooks of your industry. Read it here.

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