Employee Spotlight Featuring Kevin Randall

Great organizations understand the power of their people. Building and reinforcing the brand internally inspires employees to deliver the brand promise to customers at every turn. These advocates help move your organization closer to its vision. When employees are bolstered internally, their expertise often extends itself outside the company, even beyond its customer base.

Movéo’s own Kevin Randall, Vice President of Strategy & Planning, is a perfect example. His thinking has been published by The New York Times, The Atlantic, Wired and The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and on CNBC and ESPN. Recently, he wrote the afterword for The Social Employee–which has been hailed by leading management guru Tom Peters–sharing his expertise on the power of social employee branding. We highly recommend the book, where you’ll find out more about Kevin’s “Brand Trinity,” a three-piece formula to motivate employees and answer their deepest needs. In turn, they’ll make your brand powerful, and your internal branding efforts will reap great rewards.

Here are five places to read more of Kevin’s thought leadership:

  1. “How to Measure Brand Value: Likes, Followers, Influencers, Views? No, Social Currency,” Fast Company
  2. “Harvard Business School for the Facebook Age,” Fast Company
  3. “How Your Brain Can Predict Blockbusters,” Fast Company 
  4. On Donald Trump’s brand value, Forbes

How are your employees sharing brand value with the rest of the world? To cultivate employee advocacy within your own company, consider the power of internal branding today.

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