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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI), potentially the most disruptive technology in human history, is perhaps most disruptive in the field of marketing. Ad tech companies use AI to power programmatic exchanges and to automatically optimize ad campaigns. Search engine companies use it to power smart bidding of terms. Marketing automation software relies on it to send nurture […]

Identifying Perpetual Novice Syndrome

From the moment you hear about a new tool, technology or trend, the clock starts running. As marketers, we’re expected to figure out what it is, evaluate its appropriateness for our organizations, vet competitive solutions, integrate it with our IT infrastructure, begin executing it flawlessly and stand ready to prove why it is such a […]

Seven steps to lead generation success

As we begin the new year, many organizations are eager to refine their lead generation practices and convert prospects into customers. However, each year, many marketers fail to meet their annual benchmarks and lose out on prospective customers. Today, we’re sharing the seven steps of lead generation that will help ensure your marketing success in […]

Marketing trends to watch for in the new year

This year has proved to be an exciting one for marketing. With the year coming to a close, marketing experts across the globe have been weighing in on the trends most likely to become even more valuable in the new year. Today, we’re highlighting a few of these trends and sharing resources you can use […]

Making more effective emails with mobile optimization

Do you remember a time before the ubiquity of mobile devices? For better or worse, the days that all emails were read on a desktop or laptop computer are well behind us. That means if you’re not optimizing your content for mobile, you could be missing your best chance to impact a large segment of […]

Trends in graphic design: marketing infographics

Be honest: have you ever rolled your eyes when you saw or heard about yet another infographic? “Infographic” has been a buzzword in digital marketing for the past five years or so. A few years ago, the internet hit a saturation point. Every social platform was chock-full of infographics — good, bad and yes, ugly. […]

The importance of consistency in your brand look

A strong brand has tangible value. In fact, consistent brands have been found to be approximately 20 percent more valuable than erratic brands, meaning that taking steps to ensure uniformity across your brand can generate serious value. Because so much of your brand is communicated through visuals — such as logo, product packaging, and advertisements […]

How to craft buyer personas to better understand your target audience

Do you ever feel like you’re shouting out marketing messages but never hearing any response? Could it be because your messages don’t resonate with your intended targets? Buyer personas can solve your problem. They can, that is, if they’re well-crafted. Buyer personas are short profiles of fictional characters who represent each segment of your target […]

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