The Importance of Emotion on Social Media For B2B Marketing


B2B marketing can often feel clinical and unemotional. We rely on numbers to drive results, often forgetting that behind every data point is a person. It’s easy to lose sight of what really gets your customers interested and excited about your brand and truly tap into their emotions. It’s also easy to think that data-driven marketing and emotion-driven marketing are two opposing ideas: one uses cold, hard analytics to target consumers and the other other tries to reach consumers’ hearts….

The Best Social Media Posts of 2014

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The social media landscape has seen significant changes this year, and it’s challenging for marketing professionals to keep up. Luckily, the internet offers a wealth of marketing blogs to help all of us stay up-to-date on current trends and best practices. Today, we’re sharing some of our 2014 favorites from around the web, with an emphasis on how social media impacts other facets of your marketing strategy.   Social Media and Content Marketing 9 Best Social Media and Content Marketing…

B2B Social Media: Let’s Get Visual

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The need for visual content only continues to increase in marketing, as we’ve said many times before. Sometimes technical B2B companies fear that their visual content won’t be as engaging on social channels as the content of consumer-facing brands, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Visual content is just as useful to B2B marketers and their prospects. In fact, sometimes graphics or videos have even greater success in the B2B space, because they help make complex products or companies more…

Four Ways to Use Social Media Automation with an Authentic Brand Voice

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How do you feel about marketing automation? For some, this is a polarizing topic, especially when it comes to social media. While many feel strongly that social posts should be sent with in-the-moment authenticity, others believe that automation ensures consistent posting and is worth considering. Companies against automation tend to be focused on human-to-human connection and conversation, and they consider pre-scheduling to be a breach of their core values. While that sentiment makes sense, we would argue that the best…

How Thought Leaders Shine on LinkedIn

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Thought leadership is a critical piece of the content marketing puzzle, and when leveraged correctly, it works particularly well in specialized B2B markets. In many ways, LinkedIn has emerged as the ideal platform to demonstrate thought leadership and gain influence. It’s a one-stop shop where leaders can promote their writing, be recognized for their knowledge and participate in conversations with followers. They even extend special invitations to LinkedIn Influencers, who are featured prominently as experts in their field. Whether you’re…

Four Ways to Make LinkedIn the Perfect B2B Social Network

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In light of Facebook’s new pay-for-play requirements, LinkedIn is becoming more popular than ever. It’s being heralded for its perks and its stance as an ideal platform for thought leadership. Many B2B marketers have been committed to the channel for quite some time, so this will come as no surprise to them. LinkedIn’s professional demeanor makes it the perfect place for companies to target prospects, highlight products and execute content marketing initiatives in the B2B space. While the benefits of…

Where Twitter and B2B Prospects Meet

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The ROI of social media is an ongoing debate between marketers and the C-suite. While most professionals who work in marketing stand firmly by the value of social media, they still occasionally flinch when required to report bottom-line results or recruit continued support for their efforts from executives. After all, social media is ideal for relationship building and influencer outreach–two things not easily measured. The reality is, however, that social media marketing requires time and resources that mandate the support…

How to Adapt to the Twitter Changes of 2014


Twitter has changed a lot over the past year. In fact, some people are even predicting its death. While we believe Twitter is alive and well and holds more potential for marketers than ever before, it’s true that the platform’s new features require marketers to adapt and stay quick on their feet–but what else is new?  With some adjustments in content and strategy, companies can still use Twitter with the same results, and maybe even improve them. After all, Twitter…

Is Twitter Really Dying?

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As every marketer knows, rumors have been circulating about Twitter’s decline. Is Twitter dead? Has the platform changed? Is it still useful, or is it dying fast? While the network has certainly evolved over the past year, we’re happy to report that in our opinion, Twitter is still highly relevant, and we don’t think it will disappear anytime soon. As a B2B marketer you probably use Twitter regularly, so you know that this year brought change. And like anything else,…