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Vitaly Rules Google

In the news: A Russian spammer known as Vitaly is using referral traffic to promote himself. If your Google Analytics account data is targeted by this spammer you will notice an unusual amount of referral traffic coming from Twitter and a page title called “Vitaly rules google.” This type of ghost traffic can taint […]

Display ads 101: what B2B and healthcare marketers need to know

At this point, we all know that display advertisements are a key feature of digital marketing. But you’ve probably also heard that display ads have limited worth. Maybe you’ve read that people don’t trust display ads, or that half their clicks on mobile are accidental. But while it’s clear that these issues are obstacles for […]

healthcare marketing

Identifying your audience: Healthcare marketing to consumers

As we covered on Tuesday, there are a number of things to consider when determining the audience for your healthcare marketing. In that post, we focused specifically on healthcare marketing aimed at organizations. Today, we’re taking a deeper dive into what that looks like in healthcare marketing to individuals. Who are you trying to reach? […]

healthcare marketing

Identifying the audience: Who is your healthcare marketing for?

Healthcare marketing is a wide-ranging industry, encompassing the activities of brands that want to reach consumers and attract them to a hospital system, as well as organizations that are looking to sell their wares to that same hospital system. In that sense, healthcare marketing audiences can be as different as B2B and B2C audiences. But […]

creating the need

Creating the “need” in your marketing campaigns

For a demand generation effort to be successful, you need to first convince your prospects that they need your company’s products or services and second that your firm is best fit to provide them. It’s a two-step process. Start this process by successfully identifying and targeting the actual pain your audience feels. You marketing communications […]

2015 B2B marketing campaigns

Learn from these stand-out 2015 B2B marketing campaigns

This year has brought the launch of some truly innovative B2B marketing campaigns. We’ve enjoyed seeing the creativity of our fellow marketers, who consistently push the envelope to create engaging new content and wow their audiences. All marketers can take away key learnings from standout campaigns, and we’ve mined some of our favorite marketing efforts […]

cross-channel campaign

Optimizing your campaign for success: how to choose the right channels

Compelling messages and attention-grabbing creative are great, but if they’re not delivered through the correct channels, what’s the point? Your campaigns will never reach your target customers unless they’re delivered based on a data-driven channel strategy that focuses on finding the best vehicles for the job. To optimize the channels through which you deliver your […]

email marketing

How to make your email marketing work harder

Since the early days of email marketing, just about every industry has jumped on board. Marketing messages swamp work and personal inboxes, and it takes a lot more to stand out than it once did. Last year, we spent a whole month talking about the power of email marketing, but this important component of the […]

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