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brand awareness

Why brand awareness matters more for B2B companies

At Movéo, we believe strongly that B2B brands matter more than B2C. As we wrote in our white paper by that title: “Brands matter because the B2B marketing communications world is characterized by numbing sameness, commoditized feature wars and laundry-lists of product benefits. … Branding today is a strategic tool that helps the supplier cut […]

bradning drives business growth

How branding drives business growth in 2016

Marketing won’t take your organization very far if it isn’t built on a strong, consistent brand. In B2B marketing, branding is often left by the wayside—and yet, it’s essential for reaching new clients, growing existing partnerships and bringing in new revenue. Consider these three reasons why: Decision-makers are willing to pay more for strong brands […]

company culture

How to start a new company culture initiative that gets results

Harvard Business Review recently reported that happy employees have, on average, 31 percent higher productivity, 37 percent higher sales results and 3 times higher creativity than unhappy employees. It’s statistics like these that inspire us to take culture seriously at Movéo. We believe that fostering the happiness of our employees and building a great environment […]

2015 B2B marketing campaigns

Learn from these stand-out 2015 B2B marketing campaigns

This year has brought the launch of some truly innovative B2B marketing campaigns. We’ve enjoyed seeing the creativity of our fellow marketers, who consistently push the envelope to create engaging new content and wow their audiences. All marketers can take away key learnings from standout campaigns, and we’ve mined some of our favorite marketing efforts […]

brand names

Brand Names – The Root of Good Brand Architecture

Most companies operate something like this: Invent or develop something the market wants Give it a brand name Get it out there and sell it There is so much involved with 1) and 3) that 2) can just seem like a natural and straightforward bridge between the two.  You’ve got a great product, the engineers […]

video campaigns

Is video the future of B2B and healthcare content?

Is video the next great content channel for B2B? 76 percent of B2B marketers saying they will use video in their content marketing sometime this year. Video is shown to be as effective as blogging for B2B marketers, but given the costs associated with producing high-quality video content, companies need to strategically design video campaigns […]

generate and convert leads

Is your website optimized to generate and convert leads?

What effect does the look and feel of your website have on visitors? Both the design and the copy on your site can meaningfully influence potential buyers, for better or worse. To maximize your lead generation efforts, your business needs to optimize every aspect of your website, front end and back. For inspiration, take a […]

cross-channel marketing

Is your content optimized for cross-channel delivery?

For both B2B and healthcare marketers, lead generation must be a multi-channel effort. Smart cross-channel marketing campaigns play to the strengths of each platform and then bring various tactics together to deliver one unified, cohesive message. Do you want to get smarter about cross-channel optimization? Consider how these two popular marketing tools can be amplified […]

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