Managing Partner Guest Post: Is branding still relevant?

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Today’s guest post is from Brian Davies, Managing Partner at Movéo. I hope you enjoyed one or more of the posts in our recent series, “10 Simple Truths About Strong Brands.” The topic of branding has been overshadowed, as of late, by significant shifts in the technology landscape; “Big Data,” programatic buying and marketing automation largely own the headlines today. It’s easy to see why, as they are true agents of change worthy of the discussion they are getting. In the…

Powerful Branding Roundup

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This month on the blog, we explained 10 truths about powerful brands and helped you understand how to get your brand the strength it deserves. Strong brands enjoy forgiveness for missteps, longevity and influence, but that kind of success doesn’t come overnight. It takes dedication and a strategy to build the brand from the inside out. Here are some other branding posts from around the web, along with our white paper that discusses what a strong brand is and why…

How to make your brand strong

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If you liked this month’s exploration of brand strength, be sure to download the white paper by Brian Davies, Movéo Managing Partner here: 10 Simple Truths About Strong Brands Building brand strength not only has great benefits, it’s essential to your company’s long-term success. Even the organizations who consider their brand built have to put extensive effort into tweaking it and keeping it top of mind for their customers. If you want to find your own “special glow,” we’ve got…

The most powerful brands inspire

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When you’ve been in business a long time, it’s easy to become jaded, but this never happens with strong brands. When “firing on all cylinders,” brands acquire a special patina. They develop an air that attracts, charms and influences. They pull you into an orbit and keep you there. Truth #10: Strong brands glow. Have you noticed the vibrancy strong brands seem to have? It’s impossible to put your finger on that “special something” of companies like Apple, Coke and…

Strong brands stay in motion

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“This is one of the saddest days of my life…indeed, it is sad for the American people. Apparently, there is just not the need for our product in today’s scheme of living.” When Martin Ackerman, president of The Saturday Evening Post, spoke those words in 1969, a brand that was a weekly staple of American life for 72 years was no more. It, like many other brands before and after it, failed to remain relevant. Relevance requires renewal. One of…

Brand-customer interaction is key for success

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Have you ever thought about who actually owns a brand? People tend to automatically think the answer is the company it’s associated with, but think again. Increasingly in the digital era, customers seem to have the final say. Interaction between brands and customers is evolving. Today when brands act, they get an instant reaction on the internet. In fact, brand participation has become a birthright of purchase. Truth #8: Strong brands are shared. Here are three key ways customers are…

Design: a key component of strong brands

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Have you ever purchased AppleCare,  Apple’s product protection plan, to accompany a new device? If so, you’ll know it’s delivered in a box that’s austere yet still somehow elegant. Apple is the brand responsible for elevating our collective sense of design these past few decades, so it makes sense that they deem a simple card important enough for such housing. That brings us to our seventh simple truth about strong brands. Truth #7: Strong brands get design. Though Apple mastered…

Top brands keep their promises

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Have you ever been in love with a company only to have them disappoint you? It might be in person, over the phone, or in a customer service email, but at some point it’s bound to happen. Depending on the situation, your devotion to the company might have never recovered. Brands make implicit promises with every customer touchpoint. Once a promise has been kept through a positive interaction, it creates an expectation that the next one will be too. When…

Your brand should drive your business

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At some point, brands went from recommended to required. As the importance of branding developed, companies became more adept at spreading their values. At a good company, every employee can recite the brand promise forwards and backwards. Unfortunately, talking about the brand in the mailroom isn’t the same as using it in the boardroom. At too many companies, “brand” is just a buzzword given lip service by executive leadership instead of being what it should be – the impetus behind…

The best brands s-t-r-e-t-c-h

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Did you know that Disney has a professional development arm called The Disney Institute? It’s true. They offer organizations “time-tested best practices, sound methodologies, and real life business lessons that facilitate corporate culture change.” We know what you’re thinking. That’s a strong departure from spinning teacups. Truth #4: Strong brands s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Successful extensions as far afield as this one belong to strong brands. Think of other companies, like Ralph Lauren and Virgin, who have grown far beyond their original concept….