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Messaging: from idea to action

From thought leadership to social engagement, brand messaging should drive your every decision. Messaging must align with your overall brand strategy in order to create a unified sense of your brand for your audience. Moving from a rough sense of the ideas you want to convey to robust messaging for use throughout your marketing is […]

Building brand architecture to support a growing brand

If you work at a large or long-standing organization, there’s a good chance that your offerings include multiple products or services. But in order to thrive in the marketplace, you need to effectively tie these offerings together. That’s where brand architecture comes in. Brand architecture is the way you relate your products or services to […]


Does data always make branding better?

Because this month’s blogs have focused so strongly on the use of data in branding, it might appear that metrics and data hold the ultimate answer to crafting an effective brand. The fact is, however, that data without context is meaningless. Do you remember how, a few years ago, Google famously erred in their estimate […]


Rebranding with the aid of data

Today’s post was written by Stephen Foy, Strategist at Movéo. At the end of the day, brands live within the minds of consumers at large — but marketers play a role in shaping that consumer perception. If your organization’s branding is consistent and compelling enough, the marketing team can shape and reinforce what an audience […]

brand crisis

Use data to prepare for and respond to a brand crisis

No one wants to find their brand in a crisis, but proper handling of a bad situation can limit the damage and expense. Time and resources spent planning for a brand crisis can therefore have significant ROI. We recommend preparing for a brand crisis as soon as possible, so that you have advance plans in […]

internal branding

Creating data-driven internal branding

Many companies neglect internal branding in their brand strategy in favor of more externally focused efforts, despite the fact that committed, knowledgeable employees perform better overall and provide higher customer satisfaction. In fact, recent research demonstrates a link between internal branding, employee engagement, behavior and financial performance. Investing in internal branding audits is helpful in […]


When data demands brand changes

You may think your brand is just fine as it is, but data doesn’t lie. Both quantitative and qualitative metrics are useful when gauging the current standing of your brand in comparison to where you’d like to see it go. Today, we’re sharing our tips for assessing the internal and external aspects of your brand, […]


Using qualitative research in branding

Before conducting quantitative research in a new product category, researchers should first use qualitative research to develop a firm understanding of the landscape they’re preparing to assess. This early knowledge base will be helpful when determining consumer motives, segments and targets. Today we’re discussing our best tips for using qualitative research to inform branding strategy. […]

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