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Pondering the 2020 CMO

Today’s guest post comes from our Vice President of Engagement Management, Sheri Granholm. She stopped by Get There to talk about how quickly our B2B marketing world is changing, and to share her thoughts on what we can expect in years to come. ——————————— Who doesn’t love prognosticators, especially in the world of business? So […]

Forced Marketing

When it comes to the digital media age , more people are connecting to the internet. They see all these cool features online such as chatting, online dating, shopping, downloading and more. When downloading comes to mind, we want to download freebies rapidly. A lot of the content on websites is supposedly free, but just […]

This is Who we are!

Did you ever noticed how symbols created for certain reasons were also used for other purposes as well? Groups have taken symbols and other icons to represent themselves and let the world know who they are by what they carry.This is how they branded themselves to be distinct. Some symbols are used for nationality. For […]

Superheroes can sell too

Although many superheroes that we know today have concealed identities, they have something we can remember them by. They all carry a symbol or logo that lets people know who they are. Almost everyone knows Superman and Batman. These are our childhood heroes. Superman carries a large red and yellow icon on his chest that […]

I Just Want my Balance!

Have you needed information so fast that you pull out your cell phone only to see that website of your bank does not work with the phone’s web browser? Maybe it does work but the loading time is too long for you to even access your bank account. People do not always want to surf […]